Unfortunately, some tenants dispose of large furniture items such as unwanted couches, mattresses, shelves, tables, chairs and dressers by placing them next to the garbage bins. Because of this, garbage disposal companies cannot empty our bins. We get overflowing garbage, bad smells, angry neighbours and bugs.

It is unfair for our Site Manager and building managers to always be responsible for the disposal of a tenant's large furniture item; it is not their responsibility!

The city will pick up your large furniture items. Here's how to arrange for a Bulky Waste Pickup.

  1. Before you dispose of your items, call 311 (The City Information Line) and tell the city representative that you want to dispose of your bulky furniture items.
  2. According to where you live the city representative will tell you when your items will be picked up.
  3. The night before your garbage pick-up, put your items near the garbage bin area. This way your articles will not be outside for much time at all.
    You can dispose up to 10 items per time for a small charge by the city.

Help us keep our apartment grounds clean in the same way you would want your own back yard home clean.