Astroid is a trusted Real Estate Investment and Professional Property Management Company. Astroid specializes in smaller commercial real estate and residential apartment buildings. 

Founded by Max and Fay Reich in 1980, Astroid truly is a family-focused company that has been passed down through generations. The Reichs' believed in forming strong community relationships and building a deep network of industry professionals, which has led to a tremendous amount of trust in the brand While the company has grown from the family-run business it was in the 1980s, today the Astroid team consists of more than 60 professionals who operate with the same family-driven approach that launched the business. 

Over the years Astroid has built up a tremendous amount of integrity and trust among investors, lenders, consultants, and clients. Our professional but fair approach has helped make Astroid a key player in the industry for over a decade. Our properties are managed with pride in the pursuit of long-term relationships with all of our residents.