There are four cornerstone principles that have defined Astroid Investments since the company's inception.

  1. Be Informed. Have an in-depth knowledge of the market you enter.
  2. Be conservative. Focus on smaller capitalized properties with income potential, rather than larger speculative deals.
  3. Be a leader and a partner. Offer investors the opportunity to invest in partnership with Astroid in order to access better properties with financial rewards for all.
  4. Be relationship-based. Build long-lasting trusting relationships with investors by running a lean business and offering clients transparency in the management of their real estate investments.


Today, Astroid Investments is a thriving locally operated company with a large portfolio of income-generating properties part-owned by a roster of loyal, longtime investors. Our approach continues to give clients the opportunity to invest alongside us in the acquisition of commercial real estate and apartment rentals that would ordinarily only be accessible to corporate investors.

With our unsurpassed market intelligence and keen sense of a "good deal" cultivated over the past three decades, we together purchase a tangible piece of the real estate market that provides reliable positive net cash flow. And our clients rest assured knowing that if Astroid is investing, their money is also being invested well.