With a formidable breadth of experience...

Astroid Management provides a broad scope of property management services to a portfolio of over 2,000 units consisting of apartments, senior retirement residences, condominiums, as well as commercial properties.

Astroid Management was born out of a unique vision by the company's founders, Max and Fay Reich. Their vision is now carried forward by their children, who are leading the company into the future with a fresh, modern perspective.

Astroid Management is now in the Manitoba and Ontario markets, seeking to further expand in both provinces.


What sets our management apart?

Astroid Management has adopted the same conservative and balanced approach as its investment arm, with a philosophy to run the business lean and maintain low overheads to provide the most cost-effective and streamlined service to our clients. One way this translates is how we approach property repair and maintenance. Astroid Management contracts jobs to trades who provide the fairest price, rather than employing in-house service and maintenance employees, resulting in substantial cost savings to our clients. That, coupled with our personalized service and attention to detail, has propelled Astroid Management's reputation to one of the foremost Property Management companies in Winnipeg.

Astroid Management is fully bonded.